We Are The In Crowd - The Best Thing (That Never Happened)


Damn, girls with leg tattoos sure take a lot of bubble baths

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crying is the biggest bullshit ever its like “oh you’re feeling sad and vulnerable, lets make liquid come flying out of your face and make it really loud too so everyone around you will sense your weakness” who the fuck authorized this. its terrible planning, id like to file a complaint

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do you ever just wanna sit next to someone and listen to everything they could possibly say about anything ever just because you like their face and their voice and their general existence 

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"Augustus Waters talked so much that he’d interrupt you at his own funeral. And he was pretentious: Sweet Jesus Christ, that kid never took a piss without pondering the abundant metaphorical resonances of human waste production."Actual John Green, TFIOS quote  (via angels-choking-on-their-halos)

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if you think im not going to meow at that cat in front of all these people then you are wrong my friend

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He looks just like a kid waiting for a school bus omg

a damn hot kid